Property Condition Assessments

West Coast Inspections is able to provide prompt and professional PCA building inspections.  
The purpose of the PCA is primarily to uncover any major deficiencies in the
building structure or systems. Inspections can vary from an examination of the
structure only, to a comprehensive inspection of all technical facets of the building.

The report will provide an accurate description of the building structure and main
building systems; the general condition of the structure and systems; and any major
deficiencies and budget cost figures for remedial action.

The report will also indicate the remaining life expectancies for the systems and will
provide prioritized list of major replacement costs anticipated over the next few

Property Condition Assessment Standards

In August of 1999, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
published a Standard E2018-99, which defined “good commercial and customary
practice for conducting a baseline Property Condition Assessment (PCA).” This
standard was specifically written for commercial real estate and largely intended for
commercial real estate transactions. The Standard was updated in November of
2015 and renamed E2018-15.

This standard is the protocol for due diligence building inspections. This protocol
makes it easier for those involved with commercial real estate transactions, as the
report contents and format have been well defined.


1. Perform document review (drawings, maintenance records, etc.).
2. Perform a visual, walk-through survey of the property.
3. Prepare costs for remedies recommended.
4. Document findings and costs for recommended repairs in a written report.

As part of the PCA, the consultant should contact the local building department and
local fire department to check for building or fire code violations, and to ensure that
a certificate of occupancy was issued for the building.

Opinions of probable costs for repairs likely to exceed $3,000 will be noted - these
costs should be for immediate repairs (within one year) and for short-term repairs
(within one to two years).

Estimates of remaining useful life for building components will be noted.
Photographs of typical building elevations, major systems and major deficiencies will
be noted.

The entire Standard is 21 pages long and available from ASTM at their website,
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