Believe it or not, people were actually
living under this roof!  And no... I did not
walk on this one!
Could use a little more insulation.  I don't know if it has been
packed out over the years, but judging by the gnaw-marks and
"remnants", there have definitely been some small, furry visitors!
Mined in Libby, Montana between 1925 - 1984, and sold
under the name of "
Zonolite", this vermiculite insulation is
contaminated with asbestos.  The mine has since been
closed and vermiculite is no longer used as an insulating
product.  I encourage you to click on the
Zonolite link and
read the article!
A common (but not recommended)
sight in home-owner renovations is
the instance of "double-tapping",
where you will find a single
breaker feeding multiple circuits.
Go ahead... call me a dummy
and tell me I should have
worn gloves!  I won't argue
with you, but I will say that
not everyone would have got
their hands dirty to
determine whether or not
the flue vent worked!
Some re-pointing and chimney-cap
maintenance required here to avoid
foreseeable (and costly) problems!
Now THIS is a clean flue!
Watch out for receptacles &
Drapes located above base-board
These are a fire hazard!
Had I not gone IN this attic, I may not
have detected this water leak (left) or
this mould (right).  This is why - unless
physically impeded - I GO IN attics!
A little gravel to go with this
tar may have prevented this
"alligatoring", and would have
certainly prolonged the
design-life of this roof!
Here we have an EXTREMELY dangerous
electrocution event waiting to
happen!  The panel cover was "LIVE"!
Santa wasn't making a
trip down this chimney
any time soon!!!
There was a slight depression at the front entry of this
house.  A trip to the crawl-space, and pulling back the
perimeter insulation, revealed why!  While dry now, at
some point in time moisture made its way in here and
did significant structural damage.
~ "Life is a Highway" ~
A very poor excuse for workmanship!
For two years, because this vent
was not securely attached,
exhaust fumes from the gas-fired
water heater had been venting
INTO the home.
Whether from high-humidy, a leaky roof or pipe, or an
insecure toilet (as was the case here), water is the
most destructive force in any home!  This leaky 2nd
floor toilet went unchecked until one day the garage
ceiling landed on top of the Volvo.  This is why I
check every toilet to make sure they are secure.
In the words of Mike Holmes, "Minimum
code sucks!"
 Believe it or not, this
high-end Townhome is only 3 years old, but
because the gutter is permitted to "spill"
onto the roof surface below, the
"conditional age" of the roof at this point is
far older.  When you compare the cost of a
few more feet of downspout, to the cost of
major roof repairs, it doesn't make sense
does it?  So much for those 20 year shingles!
Umm... enough said.
Something tells me this
Electrician wasn't qualified.  
There is NO junction box
(required), no wire nuts
(required), laying on top of
metal piping, which is running
throughout the home!
Open up and say, "Ahhh..."  
This mould growth was taking
place inside the bath fan
duct which was SUPPOSED to
be venting to the exterior of
the home.
Forget double-tapping... Let's
have a party in the panel!
This distribution panel was
severely over-loaded.
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or Skeletons in
the Closet
Speaking of mould, this bathroom ceiling
fan, disconnected in the attic, is exactly
how someone gets mould in their attic.
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