Performing a thorough inspection of a home or commercial property is a comprehensive
undertaking, requiring a great deal of training, organization, planning and forethought.  
While having completed more than 1,500 Inspections helps, before I even step foot
through ANY door, I have researched the property to learn as much as possible.

It also helps to have the right tools for the job.  Besides my Camera and Laptop, below
are photos of some of the tools in my bag.  As an inspector I don't have need to use
every one of them all the time, but it is good to know that if I do need them, I have
the right tool for the job.
Flashlight & Headlamp to see in the dark,
and a screwdriver to open up electrical
panels.  Attics and Crawlspaces are generally
not so accomodating as to be well lit; it's
important to supply your own illumination.
While a good Inspector uses his eyes and
understanding what he/she is looking
at and/or smelling... a good non-destructive
moisture meter can be an invaluable tool.  
This model cost a pretty penny and I use it
every day.
A Realtor once asked me if I had a ladder.  
The puzzled look on my face prompted him
to tell me that a previous Inspector didn't.  
Interesting.  I have 3 sizes.
A combustible Gas Leak
Detector, because let's face it...
exploding is over-rated.
A Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector...
not just for methane! :)
Here's a clever device; a camera
that's able to see around corners
and into places that I can't
always fit.
And finally, the most important tool an
Inspector can own...
his BRAIN.  If you are
contemplating hiring an Inspector that
doesn't pack one of these in his kit, don't.  
In fact, might I suggest backing away slowly
and avoiding eye contact.
Like my moisture meter, my
Infrared Thermal Camera sees
things that I can not see with
my naked eye.  The dark patch
above the door is missing
insulation in my own home, after
an evening of 100kph winds.
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