At West Coast Inspections I believe that communication and up-front information
sharing are key to providing you the best possible service.  I want you to know
that I have no hidden agendas or fine-print disclosures.  

As a professional Accredited Inspector, I have an
Inspection Contract, and must
adhere to an industry
Scope Of Inspection.  The Scope of Inspection describes
exactly what I can and cannot do, the areas of inspection that I must cover and
those that it does not.  This is to YOUR benefit as it eliminates any unrealistic
expectations regarding the inspection process.

I make these available because
I want you to read these documents prior
to the date of your inspection
.  I do this to educate you, eliminate surprises,
and give you every opportunity to ask questions prior to the inspection.

Should you have any questions please
contact me as I would be happy to answer
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