West Coast Inspections has been providing unparalleled inspection services for over a decade.  West Coast Inspections
reduces risk when buying, selling, leasing, refinancing or maintaining your commercial or residential real estate assets.
West Coast Inspection Services Include:

Property Condition Assessments
, to uncover any major deficiencies in the
building structure or systems

Due Diligence, the care that a prudent person might be expected to exercise in the
examination and evaluation of risks affecting a business transaction

Pre-Lease - Post-Lease Assessments, to protect the owner and lessee by
establishing the true condition of the building at the start of the lease

Problem Investigations, for when it is more cost effective to engage a building
inspector rather than undertake various iterations of trial and error repairs

Litigation Support, when it becomes necessary to provide expert testimony to
assist legal professionals

Environmental Assessments, when phase I, II, or III site assessments are
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